Yoga For Performers

Perhaps we are all performers...

but those who sing, act, dance, or play an instrument 

use their bodies and share their souls with others

in ways that need special development and nurturing. 

The ancient union of body, mind and spirit that is yoga

provides a life-system for performers

as it helps build flexibility, focus, stamina, strength,

coordination, balance, and a healthy sense of self,

as well as self relative to ensemble. 

The key to all of these attributes is breath.

Building the awareness and control of breath  and

other energies flowing through the body (pranayama)

is the foundation for all yoga practice.  

Developed by Robert Swedberg, stage director, educator,

and a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher,

the Yoga for Performers practice

is not intended to be a new yoga method

or to take the place of other traditional yoga practices,

but is meant to be a focused enhancement, 

- and for some, a portal into the world of yoga. 

This is a collection of yoga poses and processes

specifically geared to the needs of performers, 

some of whom might not otherwise be aware that yoga

is a healthy and viable option for their development. 

Too many performers just don't try yoga

because they think they are too big or too inflexible,

and they may even have those thoughts fortified

by initial experiences with yoga

that sometimes reinforce those ideas. 

Yoga for Performers

is intended to make it possible

for anyone who can breathe

to have a fulfilling experience with yoga.