Yoga For Performers

Yoga for Performers

- an album of peaceful music for your practice

Here is an hour of music inspired by great selections from operas.  It is purposely designed to be background – a distinction that opera usually doesn’t like.  But this collection of some of the most peaceful tunes ever written is perfect to accompany yoga practice and meditation.  Robert Swedberg selected 18 works from a wide range of operas, and turned to composer and arranger Alex Davis to create instrumental accompaniments that would especially support the long, deep breaths that are the foundation of yoga practice – thus most of these pieces are very slow and sustained more than they would be in actual performance on stage. 

Workshops and Classes

Yoga for Performers classes and workshops led by Robert Swedberg, are offered regularly at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and in the Orlando area during the summer months.   Call (407) 538-8768 for class schedules and more information.   Mr. Swedberg has also offered yoga practice to performers at the Classical Singer Conference, for colleagues at Opera America national conferences, for the National Association of Teachers of Singing, and for the National Opera Association, as well as while directing away from home (China, Spain, Austria, Germany).  Robert enjoys the challenge of helping emerging performers better their skills, and is available for workshops and demonstrations that can include yoga, coaching and training for the singing-actor, audition techniques, professional career development, and stage direction. Contact him directly ( for more information and availability.   

Asanas are yoga poses or postures that are wrapped around deep breathing.   The 38 asanas in the Yoga for Performers practice have been selected from hundreds of asanas because they focus on the developmental elements that performers need most: building greater breathing capacity, flexibility, stamina, coordination, as well as stress and weight control.  The asanas in the practice have been photographed using actual performers.  They are displayed with clear directions in a guided sequence of 15, 30, or 60 minutes. Additional display of alternative poses, modified for larger bodies, is  also included so everyone can use this practice, anytime, anywhere.  Load these files on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone, and use the program at home or as you travel to guide your Yoga for Performers practice.  PowerPoint images are assembled as guided practice, and can be customized as you wish.   If you don't have PowerPoint, simply use the JPEG files and the "slideshow" function in either Windows or Mac to view the images in order. 

Program Download with all files and instructions:              $6.00

Yoga For Performers Materials

These materials have been designed to enhance yoga practice for performers.  They were developed by Robert Swedberg, former General Director of Orlando Opera, and have been used extensively and regularly revised in Yoga For Performers classes at the University of Michigan since 2008.  

       Yoga for Performers - guided practice on PowerPoint and JPEG Files

  (This is the online textbook used for Yoga For Performers classes at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance.)

The 18 pieces on the CD support the Yoga for Performers practice, which goes from pranayama and warm-ups at first with the Meditation from Thais and Largo from Xerxes, through sun salutations with the awakening light of the Fidelio chorus, and into the powerful archer or warrior series during Aida.  The music becomes more sustained again for twists, bends, seated and prone asanas, and finally heads toward complete stillness for final relaxation (Sweet Oblivion from L'incoronazione di Poppea) over the final one or two selections.  But, the tracks can be played in any order, and need not be in sync with any part of a practice.

Yoga For Performers Tee-Shirt

Yoga For Performers - 100% Cotton Tee shirt.  Designed originally for University of Michigan students, and the 100s of alums who have taken this class.  Available only in Navy and Maize with the YFP logo on the front, and the OM symbol on the back.   Tee shirts generally will not be shipped, and will be distributed in class during the first month of each semester.  Pay for it here, and indicate the size you want.  Size Samples also available in class.   If shirts are to be shipped, contact Robert Swedberg at to discuss shipping options.

Purchase here:   $12.00

Alex Davis began writing film music while earning his B.M. in Piano Performance from Florida State University, and his M.M. in Film Composition from New York University where he studied with Ira Newborn.  He has created scores for more than a dozen movies and documentaries. He writes in many styles, including classical, jazz, rock, pop, hip-hop, ambient, and electro-acoustic music. Alex creates stock music for several companies, including Digital Juice and Thick Audio.

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